Workshops & Coaching

Workshop: Lightroom - The Basics

Took many pictures? See many opportunities to enhance your pictures? Want to publish them on the internet immediately? Make good prints and slideshows? All of this is possible with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. An all-inclusive program dedicated to the photographer. The many possibilities also make using the program efficiently more difficult. This workshop allows you to start quickly and efficiently in setting up and using Lightroom. The management, the processing, as well as the publication of your images is covered. Discover the many possibilties of the Library module, the power of the Develop module and the possibilities of the Print module, the Slideshow module and the Web module. The workshops is split in 2 sessions of 3 hours.

2 session of 3 hours (1 week apart)
to be discussed
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Personal Coaching: Technical Coaching

With digital photography came many possibilities and many opportunities. But also many hurdles and technical tasks. Manage images, the workflow from camera to print or internet,, color management, etc. Especially setting up and tuning all parts is a challenge. At least you want to prevent to spent most time behind the computer organizing and repairing things instead of with your camera. Get a personal consult to set up an efficient workflow who allows you focus on the aspects where you will get the most fun and energy, The consult is completely dedicated to your personal situation with respect to the subjects and the way the consult is organized.

Coaching is done to 1 or 2 individuals completely customized.

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Personal Coaching: Landscape Photography

Nothing works better then practice. The approach consists of a preparation session to discuss the basics of landscape photography coupled to a session in the field. With landscape photography the quality of the light is the main focus. During the so called "Golden hour" (around sunrise and sunset) the light is optimal. That is the opportune moment for the practical session. Because the weather will be an important factor here flexibility on both parties is important for success.

Coaching in landscape photograhy is given to 1 to 4 individuals and is highly customizable.

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